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Civil War Round Table of Kansas City
Harry S. Truman Award

Bruce Catton (Wikimedia Commons)

The Harry S. Truman Award was established in 1959. Noted Civil War historian Bruce Catton was the first recipient of this award. Criteria considered in the selection process includes:

  1. Making a significant contribution to the dissemination and preservation of Civil War military history.
  2. Being a distinguished scholar and author of Civil War military history.
  3. Promoting and/or organizing an important project related to the knowledge and understanding of Civil War military history.
  4. Participating in the selection, development, or preservation of historic Civil War military sites.

A candidate must qualify in one or more of the above categories. The Award cannot be presented at a time interval of less than one year. It shall be awarded at the discretion of the Executive Committee based on appropriate time periods and candidate qualifications. The most recent recipient of the Harry S. Truman award is Harold Holzer, one of the country’s leading authorities on Abraham Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War era. Mr. Holzer received the Truman Award at the Round Table meeting in February of 2015.

Past President Dan Smith presenting A. Wilson Greene with the Harry S. Truman Award​

Past Recipients

  • 2022

A. Wilson Greene

  • 2019

Dr. Ethan Rafuse

  • 2017

Dr. Timothy B. Smith

  • 2015

Harold Holzer

  • 2011

Chief Glenna J. Wallace

  • 2009

Mr. O. James Lighthizer

  • 2005

Mr. Andre Trudeau

  • 2002

Mr. Wiley Sword

  • 2000

Mr. Tom Broadfoot

  • 1999

Dr. William G. Piston

  • 1998

Mr. Lance J. Herdegen

  • 1997

Dr. Emory M. Thomas

  • 1996

Mr. Dennis Frye

  • 1995

Dr. Glenn Robertson

  • 1994

Dr. Albert Castel

  • 1993

Mr. William C. Davis

  • 1992

Mr. Robert Krick

  • 1991

Dr. James McPherson

  • 1989

Dr. William Still, Jr.

  • 1986

Dr. Herman Hattaway

  • 1984

Mr. Jerry Russell

  • 1983

Mr. Lumir Buresh

  • 1975

Mr. Warren Hassler

  • 1973

Mr. John Simon

  • 1972

Colonel Allen Julian

  • 1971

Dr. Grady McWhiney

  • 1970

Dr. Bert Maybee

  • 1969

Mr. Glenn Tucker

  • 1968

Dr. Howard Monnett

  • 1967

Mr. Ralph G. Newman

  • 1966

Dr. Frank E. Vandiver

  • 1965

Mr. E. B. Long

  • 1964

Dr. T. Harry Williams

  • 1963

Dr. James Robertson, Jr.

  • 1962

Ed Bearss

  • 1961

Dr. Allan Nevins

  • 1959

Bruce Catton

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